We offer a variety of personalized services for homes and offices in the Baltimore area.

Our sIgnature All Inclusive Hands-On Organizing Sessions Include:

  • 3 hours of hands on organizing

  • customized solutions for your home or office

  • custom printed labels

  • hauling away of donations (one car load per visit)

  • personalized shopping

  • recommendations of highly rated service professionals

  • + MORE

Weekday, evening, and weekend availability. Consultations are always complimentary! Request a free consultation session here

Packages + Pricing:

1 Session — 3 hours — $180

4 Sessions —12 hours —(10% savings): $648

8 Sessions —24 hours— (15% savings): $1224

12 Sessions — 36 hours — (20% savings) : $1728

24 Sessions — 72 hours — (25% savings) : $3240

Follow up sessions for maintenance are available at $45/hour and are available for special package pricing.

Other Organizing Services

Get the house ready for the housekeeper. $45/hour We KNOW how much this service is needed. You need your house cleaned thoroughly but the idea of getting ready for the housekeeper to come stresses you out because you don’t have the time to pick it all up so they may clean! It’s like an endless cycle (and it actually is, but we can make it work in your favor). “Yay the housekeeper is coming and I’m thrilled because I know the house will be picked up enough for them to really clean!” This service is offered in packages and does not include in-depth organizing, hauling away of items, labels, and personal shopping.

Gift Certificates - great for ANYONE!