Product Recommendation: Folding Table

“Organizing” does not mean “go to Target and buy things”. Do not do this! Figure out what you need first, then shop with the end result in mind. Affiliate links disclaimer: Some of the links are affiliate links and I will receive a small compensation (at no additional cost to you) if you click through and purchase.

One thing I love to use for organizing is a folding table. I love it when clients already own one (if they don’t, I will sometimes I bring one in my little Mazda!). It gives a blank space to put everything on. However this is not a surface to pile things on indefinitely. {In fact, one of my top decorating/decluttering tips is to not store things on counters, tops of dressers, shelves, table tops, or ANY surface. Things to put on surfaces are intentional such as: plants, candles, photos, and seasonal decor. If it is a *thing* then it must have a *place* to be stored so you can put it away. Then clutter won’t build up and overwhelm you again and again.} This is a temporary fixture to use as a tool to help you sort as you are getting organized. This is a great investment because you can also use it as needed for parties, entertaining, or a makeshift arts and crafts table.

Check back every week as I talk about items that I think will really help you over a long period of time with various organizational projects.


Folding tables are a great tool for organizing sessions.

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