Konmari Method vs. Flylady

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Is your goal for the New Year to get organized but you don’t know where to start? As a Professional Home Organizer I can tell you about two great resources that will definitely get you moving in the right direction. I find them to be equally valuable but they are very different schools of thought. Both of these methods have influenced my personal organizing style as well as how I help clients.

Does It Spark Joy? Marie Kondo’s show is all the rage on Netflix right now. She is the author of the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Her book is wildly popular and almost all of my organizing my clients have a copy in their home.

About Marie Kondo:

  • At the time she wrote this she was an early 20s woman and only organizing her own things (no spouse or children to interfere).

  • Living in Japan.

  • Her philosophy is once and done. She strongly feels that you only have to go through her entire process one time and you’ll be so satisfied with the (life changing) results that you will never become disorganized again.

You Can Do Anything for 15 Minutes at a Time!

Marla Cilley aka Flylady has also written a few books, the most popular one being Sink Reflections. Her presence has been mostly online with her very well laid out systems and routines available via her website, emails, apps, and more. I love the FlyLadyPlus app but I also have my routines printed out so I don’t need to keep picking up my phone.

About FlyLady:

  • Cleaning and organizing with an emphasis on daily routines.

  • Middle aged American stay at home mom/wife (in her words a S.H.E. Side Tracked Home Executive).

  • Believes in doing a little bit at a time but every single day.

  • Deeply understands the thought process behind a perfectionist and how debilitating it can be.

There are a lot of resources for getting organized and these are only two. However, these two women have made the most impact on me personally. I am not a huge fan of reinventing the wheel when I have found what works well. I definitely encourage everyone to dive deep into BOTH methods and be inspired to take action.

If you feel like you want to get started but don’t want to go solo, you can get the help of a Professional Home Organizer. We are available to give hands on organizing help in the Baltimore area. If you are interested in learning more, tell us more about you and we will be in touch!

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