More About Intuitive Organizing Services

Intuitive Organizing Services started as a business in January 2017. Initially it had a different name, then another, and finally we found the right fit. We started as Bmore Joyful because we wanted something Baltimore specific that also included what it feels like to get organized and be in the process of cleaning up your life...joyful. Then we wanted something not Baltimore specific. There was A Chic Haven, then we settled on Intuitive Organizing Services which just felt right.

You could be thinking “don’t you mean *counter* intuitive? I don’t know how to get myself organized and that’s why I am hiring an organizer.” That’s true, you may have trouble with clutter, finding places for things, and designing efficient use of space, but, intuitive goes deeper. To us, intuition is inner knowing. When there is clutter or disorganization, there is usually something else within that is out of order, or a traffic jam of emotions. You intuitively know that your environment should be clean, cozy, harmonious, and functional. You know that you can be functioning at a higher level with less stress if you were “just more organized”. We live in a society that has us consuming wildly without regard of where and how to store what we buy, nor having to pay any attention to the environmental ramifications of the item’s production or disposal. Then, we don’t have the time to deal with it once it’s in our home. Or we feel oppressed in our environment because we are overwhelmed. We are not minimalists but we do not believe in having more than you can handle when you don’t need to.

Making these changes by yourself is hard. Ideally we’d have a mother, sister or BFF to come in and help us when needed, but, everyone is so distanced from each other, and SO BUSY. And frankly, we have all been in situations that we were embarassed about. As organizers, we have seen it all and get it. Your unique situation is always kept private, as we practice a high level of confidentiality. We do not say who our clients are and we do not relate any personal or identifying information. Of course YOU are free to say that you worked with us (and we definitely appreciate that!).

With all of this in mind and combining our own life experiences of parenting, working, creating, and consuming, we decided to grow our passion for organizing and helping people into a business. We know people need help and we love to help them.