Product Recommendation: Folding Table

“Organizing” does not mean “go to Target and buy things”. Do not do this! Figure out what you need first, then shop with the end result in mind. Affiliate links disclaimer: Some of the links are affiliate links and I will receive a small compensation (at no additional cost to you) if you click through and purchase.

One thing I love to use for organizing is a folding table. I love it when clients already own one (if they don’t, I will sometimes I bring one in my little Mazda!). It gives a blank space to put everything on. However this is not a surface to pile things on indefinitely. {In fact, one of my top decorating/decluttering tips is to not store things on counters, tops of dressers, shelves, table tops, or ANY surface. Things to put on surfaces are intentional such as: plants, candles, photos, and seasonal decor. If it is a *thing* then it must have a *place* to be stored so you can put it away. Then clutter won’t build up and overwhelm you again and again.} This is a temporary fixture to use as a tool to help you sort as you are getting organized. This is a great investment because you can also use it as needed for parties, entertaining, or a makeshift arts and crafts table.

Check back every week as I talk about items that I think will really help you over a long period of time with various organizational projects.


Folding tables are a great tool for organizing sessions.

Pantry Organizing


1. Everything out!

2. Toss all expired items.

3. While you’re scanning the items for the expiration date, take a Sharpie + write the date where it’s super easy to see. If not, you’re basically doubling your work later.

3. Group items together.

4. Use shelf liner.

5. Put items in containers + baskets that make sense for the product.

6. Unbox or unwrap anything you can.

7. The OXO containers are cute for ‘pantry porn’ but not always practical. They are great  if you have a lot of the same thing, use it all the time, + it has the same expiration date. However, most people have many different things, like gluten-free linguine, whole wheat angel hair, etc. 


Holiday Decorating Help

Holiday Services

Have the most fabulous + stress free holiday season yet!

Decorating - inside + out




Party planning

Travel arrangements

Teacher’s gifts

Holiday cards

Employee gifts


End of year wrapping it all up, taking it down, + putting it away.

Start off 2019 SO ORGANIZED!


Where to Donate

This is an ongoing list of where to donate your unwanted items.  It will be updated as we discover them. If you know of a service that cover ask specific items and read distribute them little low barrier them please get in touch! We’d love to add you as a local resource. Email us:

Scrap Bmore

Federal Hill 

The Bra Recyclers

Women’s Clothing

Men’s Clothing


Why Hire a Professional Organizer?

Here are some of the main reasons people are hiring professional organizers. If you are experiencing any of these, then know you are not alone. 

1. You’re tired of being stuck
2. You desire real change
3. You need direction and guidance
4. You are overwhelmed about where to start
5. You want accountability
6. Moving or downsizing
7. Death of a family member
8. The emotional and mental support a pro provides
9. You’re on a time crunch
10. To stage your home
11. To organize collections
12. For help working through your emotional attachment to items
13. ADD makes it too hard to go it alone
14. To help your younger children and college bound kids organize their rooms
15. Fear of going through your items and the emotions they bring up
16. Career changes
17. You’re ready to commit to change
18. It’s easier to pay someone to help you than go it alone
19. You need a fresh new system to combat clutter
20. You want to do it right the first time but don’t know how
21. You or a family member have health issues that prevent them from working solo
22. You don’t have time to DIY
23. You work better with someone else
24. Guilt makes it hard to let items go, so you external need permission to declutter
25. Minimalism is trendy
26. You can’t agree with their spouse and need an outside opinion
27. Mental clutter and chaos keeps you from getting started
28. Fear of the unknown
29. Lack of energy
30. You aren’t detail oriented enough to get the job done

If you can relate to any of these, contact us and we can help!


Free Printable to Help Plan Your Week

Here is a free .pdf to print out and help you plan your week. If you struggle with time management and are trying to fit everything into your day, print this out and write it all down. Getting down to the nitty gritty on how you spend your time will help you gain clarity and set realistic expectations. 

Another way to track and manage your time is to go backwards. Use the stopwatch feature on your phone to track how long it takes to complete a certain task. Then you can accurately assess whether or not you are avoiding and procrastinating or you truly don't have time to do what needs to get done.

I'd love to hear how this no frills scheduling spreadsheet helps you. Look for more printables in the near future. 



City Neighbors Charter School Fundraiser: It’s Smalltimore, Hon!

Intuitive Organizing Services, as well as some of my favorite local artists  and vendors, have donated some amazing pieces and services for this year’s City Neighbors Charter School annual party fundraiser auction. See everything here and please bid.


City Neighbors is a public charter school, with a little over 200 students in grades K-8.  We are nestled in a community in Northeast Baltimore City. The mission of City Neighbors Charter School is to provide an extraordinary public school education with a high academic achievement for all students. Our ultimate goal for our school is that through project-based learning, arts integration, parental involvement, and community outreach, the students leave enlivened, with a deep awareness of themselves, their families and the outside community, and with the capacity to be good citizens. Please help us keep that mission going strong.  Bid on some amazing and local items.  Thank you with all our hearts!!!!